• Blaine | 6 Months - JessElaine Photography - Orland Park & Chicagoland Baby Photographer

    Blaine | 6 Months - JessElaine Photography - Orland Park & Chicagoland Baby Photographer

    Meet my adorable and handsome nephew & godson, Blaine! It amazes me that this little...err BIG...guy has already made such a huge impact on my life and my family's lives and hes only been on this earth for now 7 months! He brings us all closer and also brings joy to every one of us just by being Blaine. I swear he is the happiest bub I've ever met! In fact, I'm convinced it is impossible to be anything but happy when you are around him...but hey maybe I'm just his biased auntie Jess. 

    I LOVE taking photos of babies and photographing this baby is extra special to me! He is my baby muse, if you will. :) I love knowing that one day, when he is older, he will be able to look back on all of the photographs I have taken and see his life unfold. 

    For his 6 month session, I wanted to keep things simple and simply let his giant personality shine through! This bub is always smiling and his smiles are the kind that make you forget about anything else at that moment, as you witness the shear joy of this little being in pure bliss! 

    I also wanted to incorporate some sentimental items, like his teddies! The biggest teddy bear on the left was given to him the day he was born by his dida (croation for grandpa). The white bear to the right was his mother's teddy bear from when she was a young girl. Being her sister, I know how much she has loved that bear through out her life, she slept with it like a pillow for years! Having special items like that in photographs always makes for more personal and cherised photos. 

    Last but not least, I wanted to showcase some of his milestones like being able to sit up, as well as, finding his little feet and becoming obsessed with grabbing them. It always amazes me how fast this kid advances and learns new things! 

    By the end of the session Blaine was very tired and drifted off to I of course had to try out some "newborn" style poses just for fun!! They only stay little for so long, before I know it I'll be taking his 1 year old photos. But like I've been saying since the day he was born, I can't wait to watch his life unfold. 

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