My name is

 Jessica Elaine Dellorto. 

I am a Chicagoland-based portrait photographer specializing in the art of newborn, baby, child, maternity & family photography. My job is to tell your stories in a timeless and authentic way, capturing all of your family's milestones. 

I have a love and true passion for making beautiful images that capture your fleeting moments. Time is precious. I want to preserve your special memories for you and create the ability for future generations of your family to be able to relive these moments forever.

My most meaningful inspiration for becoming a photographer originates from my Papa. My entire life this man has had a camera in his hands documenting every milestone, event, and accomplishment. Even the mundane occurances of every day life in our families lives has been sought through his lens. He has compiled hundreds of albums and thousands of photographs for us to treasure. I don’t think there are many gifts greater than the preservation of those memories. This feeling is what has motivated me to pursue making photographs as my career. 

I feel like I’ve always known I wanted to be a photographer, as if it was engrained in me. I played with toy cameras when I was just a toddler. I made many photographs and home videos as a child. I pretty much always loved carrying around a camera. High school is when I really started to realize I had to start making this dream a reality. I took every photography related class my school had to offer, as well as, many art classes and even AP art my senior year. I then went on to attend Columbia College Chicago where I earned my Bachelors Degree in Commercial Photography. There I studied the many different approaches to photography and I particularly fell in love with the art of capturing people. I fell in love with portraiture. 

My photographic style has been shaped by my life experiences and cultivated by my education. My work has been described as timeless, meaningful, storytelling & classic.

I want to use my skills to capture your moments in an artistic and authentic way. I want to tell your story. It is my desire to create photographs that do more than prove you existed, I want to show that you've lived passionately and loved immensely. 

If you would like to invite me to share in your story and capture your moments, please CONTACT me or simply fill out my ONLINE BOOKING FORM to get in touch about a session!